4 Stars Program                
$770 (8 Sections)                
1.    Entrance with escorts                      
2.    Presentation to the Society               
      (father talks)                      
3.    Entrance with the heels etc.              
4.    Dance with the dad                  
5.    Toast                        
6.    Waltz with the escorts
7.    Waltz with the godparents
8.    Surprise dance

2 Stars Program
$460 (5 Sections)               
1.    Entrance with escorts               
2.    Presentation to the Society           
3.    Dance with the dad               
4.    Waltz with the escorts
5.    Waltz with the godparents

$595 (2 Sections)               

1.    Waltz with the escorts
2.    Surprise dance

$450 (1 Section)
1.    Surprise dance

3 Stars Program
$630 (6 Sections)
1.  Entrance with escorts
2.  Presentation to the Society
3.  Dance with the dad
4.  Toast
5. Waltz with the escorts
6. Waltz with the godparents

1 Star Program
$335 (3 Sections)
1.   Presentation to the Society
2.   Dance with the dad
3.   Waltz with the escorts

All plans with Waltz includes free entrance.

Note: Dance practice starts 2 months before the event. The choreographer will go to your place/home once a week for 2 hours. Every extra hour is $10 that has to be paid that same day. Also, for every extra day is $20 extra that has to be paid that same day as well.

In addition, these plans do not include gas, depending on your city the following are included, if practices are in: 

Fontana, Rialto, Colton, San Bernardino, Muscoy, Loma Linda and Bloomington: $10

Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Highland, Redlands: $15

Riverside and Yucaipa: $20

Also, mother's, father's, kid's or anyone that is not a dance student are not allowed in the same room where practices are being held. Once practices are started only dance student's are allowed in the room.
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